Celeb beauty secrets: Kardashian sisters

The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are famous all over the world for their effortless charm and sex appeal and their top of the line fashion sense. Let’s take a peek at what makes the Kardashian sisters tick and also to steal a few basics from their enthralling looks. What appeals the most about the Kardashian sisters is the fact that their beauty is perfectly achievable with the use of completely economical products.

Celeb beauty secrets: Kardashian sisters

1. Vaseline and Aquaphor

Vaseline and Aquaphor

The Kardashian sisters swear by the simple Vaseline and Aquaphor products for keeping their skin soft and supple. Both these products are very cheap and hence accessible to even the less privileged women. According to Khloe, Vaseline is the single most product that she depends on for keeping her knees, feet and elbows free from dryness. Khloe uses it once a week on her problem areas and leaves it overnight to keep the dryness away.

Kourtney has a different story to tell with Aquaphor. The healing properties of Auqaphor come to her rescue during a strenuous day in the sun. She prepares a unique formulation by mixing Aquaphor with serum and uses it on her face.

All three sisters swear by the steaming session that they have every other day, a recipe passed on to them by their mother Kris Jenner. Their mother advises them to use a hot washcloth for wiping the face and opening the pores and scrubbing all the dirt and oil out.

2. Foot care

Most of us have feet woes which go from bad to worse, especially in the winter months. Instead of pouring bottles after bottles of nourishing creams that do nothing but create a big hole in your wallet, listen to what Khloe Kardashian has to say. All she does is sleep with her socks on and this by far the cheapest way to stay well moisturized and free from wrinkles and dryness.

3. Hair secrets

Hair secrets

Kourtney, 32, who does not like her hair to look too perfect is all for the ruffled, beach style with braids that look very undone and casual. Kourtney is of the opinion that unless it is a slicked up bun, she hates perfection hairstyles and aims to attain a messy looking mane always.

Khloe, 26, loves to leave her hair long and wavy with a beach chic look about her, even when it is sunny and hot. She feels that braids of all kinds are very chic and add that funk element to beauty. Kourtney and Khloe use the services of John Freids Destination Style salon for advice on hair styling and hair problems.

4. Color preferences

color preferences

Both Kourtney and Khloe go for vibrant shades for their seasonal summer wardrobe. Turquoise, coral and yellow are their favorite shades for the season. The summer make up colors that Khloe favors are orange lips and soft eye shadows that play down the brighter shade of lip color. She paints her nails purple, yellow or coral during the summer and spring months as these are her favorite nail shades. Bright nail color can jazz up any simple look and add that extra edge to your beauty.

5. PerfectSkin -The number one beauty product of Kardashian sisters

3D BioRepair Complex

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney swear by PerfectSkin 3 step skin care solution, formulated especially for them. The product is specially created to suit all skin types and offers a radiant and glowing complexion to its user. The sisters certify that they have tried almost all skin care products in the market and nothing quite matches up to the perfection of PerfectSkin.

Kourtney adds that it is important to have healthy skin as women cannot hide the flaws of their skin behind makeup all the time. The 3D BioRepair Complex developed by Perfect Science Labs contain antioxidants, vitamins and a new plant enzyme that prevent free radical damage to the skin, leaving it smooth, soft, shiny and wrinkle free and radiant. The product comes with an equalizing cleanser, a balancing toner and the 3DBioRepair Complex. The product comes for $150 which is still affordable for most women.

Celebs are larger than life images that we look up to and the Kardashian sisters are very much the divas that can take the beauty and fashion world by storm.

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