Bronzer: Tips & tricks

Bronzer is a best affix for any beauty pouch. Bronzer can change your skin appearance to sun-kissed. Bronzer can help brighten up, a tired looking skin. As with all makeup products, what equally matters, is the application. Enlisted here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

1. Areas to apply bronzer

Bronzer appears nice when it is coated very light. Bronzer should be applied to the areas where the sun shines naturally. The areas on face to concentrate on while applying bronzer are cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.

2. Keep it light

Majority of the beauty companies sell light, medium and dark shades of bronzers. Always, pick a bronzer shade that is no more than 2 shades darker than your skin. The darkest bronzer shade might be extremely dark for your skin. Try to keep in mind that you will definitely require a dissimilar bronzer shade in summer than winter. In summer, your skin would be much darker than in winter. If you have a fair complexion and if you are a person who can get sunburn very quickly, then pink or peach bronzers are the best options. According to In Style’s book “Getting Gorgeous”, bronzers on the whole are best to counterbalance a reddish complexion. Bronzer in copper shades will look great on olive skin tones, whereas darker shades are ideal for dark skin ladies out there. Don’t even try orange shades as they make your face look unnatural.

3. How to pick my right shade of bronzer

The bronzer that is great for normal or oily skin is powder-based bronzer. For applying bronzer, always use a fluffy, short blush brush. However, blow the excess bronzer off the brush prior to applying. This is because – too much bronzer may increase the chances of applying too much color. Gel or cream-based bronzers work great for dry skin. Apply the bronzer with the help of a sponge or finger. It is important to note that with majority of the cream-based facial beauty products, it is imperative to blend the product nicely into the skin or you may have to face the embarrassment of looking like a slapstick comedian.

4. Remember to apply blush

If you apply only bronzer on your face, then your face may appear dull and dark. In order to get a dewy appearance, always apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. The amalgamation of cream blush and bronzer is absolutely stunning. According Bobbi Brown, the makeup artist, bronzer looks gorgeous on the days you do not apply a lot of foundation on your face.

5. Few best bronzers

There are some awesome bronzer shades out in the market such as Guerlaine terracotta bronzing powder, e.l.f. essentials bronzer kit, NARS bronzing powder, Iman afterglow bronzer, MAC’s bronzer, Estee lauder bronze goddess, Laura mercier bronzing powder, The body shop bronzing powder.

6. Always test

Choose a matte bronzer that is slightly yellow in color. Choose the lightest shade in the range for fair skin. Choose the middle color for medium skin, and try the darkest shade for dark skin. Remember to test it on your jaw-line and check whether it looks golden in color.

7. Prepare the skin

Apply your regular foundation shade wherever needed. Apply the concealer on the blemishes and under the eyes, to cover the dark circles. In case, if you have an oily skin, apply the translucent powder on any of the shiny areas of your face in order to keep the bronzer from looking way too dark in those areas.

8. Apply bronzer

Dunk a medium-size powder brush into the bronzer and clear off the excess. By using very small, round motions, apply the bronzer on your jaw line and hairline. Dip the brush again and tap it. Now, sweep it on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead.

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