Britney Spears Perfume: Top 10 Fragrances

When it comes to Britney Spears, there is no need of introduction. Same applies for the perfumes endorsed by her. Like the diva herself, these perfumes are strong, seductive and have a sense of confidence that will leave the onlookers drooling. These perfumes by Britney Spears have a perfect blend of spices, flora and woods that give exotic aroma to the label. Check out some of the most sensuous fragrances by pop sensation Britney Spears.

1. Midnight Fantasy EDP 30 ml Spray by Britney Spears
PRICE : USD 23.94

Launched by the sensation herself, Fantsy Midnight by Britney Spears is as sensational as the diva herself. It is elegant, seductive and magnetic. A flirty, fruity and floral fragrance includes the notes of black cherries and exotic plum as its top note. The middle note includes orchids, freesia, velvet and iris. Base note has the aromas of musk, amber and vanilla to soothe your senses. Midnight Fantasy is sexy, mischievous and unforgettable fragrance for ladies.


The packaging is inspired by the genie style bottle and this round little bottle looks elegant in midnight blue color.

The fragrance is long lasting.
Its wrapping is done in an elegant bottle.

2. Fantasy EDP 30 ml Spray by Britney Spears
PRICE : USD 28.72

It is for a woman who is seductive, charming and elusive. It is magic love potion of sweet temptation that leaves an alluring trail of embracing sensuality. This is an enticing mix of lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi in the top note. Laced with a yummy cupcake accord comes its heart note. Jasmine petals and sexy white chocolate orchid ends the fragrance in its base note, but the aroma linger on your mind and soothes your senses.


Delicious fruity fragrance is very captivating and allows a woman to embrace sensuality in a sophisticated manner.

The bottle is very beautiful as its neck has an intricate detailing.
Its long lasting fragrance will appeal you the most.

3. Radiance Perfume by Britney Spears
PRICE : USD 43.18

Radiance Perfume by Britney Spears is the ninth fragrance launched by the pop sensation and it was revealed in market in the year 2010. This fragrance lets you choose your own destiny and give you a burst of confidence. Designed for a fun loving woman, this fragrance includes the notes of luscious berries and dewy petals that unfold to reveal a radiant heart of luminous pure white flowers, lit within by the glow of precious amber, woods and alluring musk.


Classic blue and pink, tilled designed bottle reminds you of your childhood days.

It has very feminine and fresh fragrance. Lively and elegant aromas of spices, floras and woods enhance your level of confidence.
It is long lasting scent and can be worn on any occasion.

4. Curious Heart by Britney Spears
PRICE : USD 44.89

This fragrance is a distinctive twist on the original Curious. It is woman’s fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, which was first perfume endorsed by Britney Spears preceding “fantasy”. Launched in 2004, this perfume is a most successful fragrance internationally. The fragrance is a white floral scent, which include the notes of Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla infused musk, sandalwood and blonde woods. It was launched within the range of Collector’s edition. The bottle has the same multifaceted glass silhouette, but it is designed in a shade of pale pink.


The packaging is the feature to be looked for in this perfume, which has heart symbols and a heart with sprawling wings tattoo on it.

The fragrance is very appealing and feminine.
It is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles.
The bottle includes a spray atomizer.

5. Britney Spears – In Control Curious
PRICE : USD 31.85

It is a fragrance that defines the side of every woman who seeks adventure and thrives on the unknown. In Control Curious, Britney Spears encourages a woman to push her boundaries and test the limits of her power with the scent of sexy vanilla infused musk. It was launched in 2006. Aroma accords are sexy as it includes a mixture of loquat fruit, midnight orchid, crème brulee, black vanilla bean, tonka crystals, sandalwood and msuk, which makes it a fabulous blend that lingers on.


The aroma is adventurous, natural and classic blend of floral, oriental spice, citrus fruits and fresh aqua, which soothes your senses.

It has great smell and the aroma that can soothe your psyche.
The fragrance lasts longer.
You are sure to draw compliments when you are wearing this perfume.

6. Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance Perfume
PRICE : USD 35.91

Cosmic Radiance is fragrance that takes you into the cosmic world where star shoots across the galaxy, brighter than ever before, radiant and intense, like something celestial and out of this world. It is Britney transformed into someone new, like that we have seen before. She is confident, radiant and more powerful than ever. A splash of succulent citrus and luscious fruits surrounds a luminous bouquet of dazzling flowers. The accords of this fragrance include hints of amber, sandalwood and liquid vanilla that lingers on for a boldly confident sensual glow.


The packaging looks heavenly and completely out of the world while the bottle has tile design in black and white.

Its long lasting aroma keeps you fresh all day long.
The fragrance is sultry but very strong and confident that can linger on anyone’s mind.
It defines its simplicity and elegance.

7. Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Eau De Parfum Spray 100 ml
PRICE : USD 50.18

The aroma is a mix of sexiness and glamour. Delicious fruits, fascinating florals and velvety musks capture the psyche with its colorful illusion of fun. It has the ability to make the atmosphere magical around you. Spectacle opens with juicy notes of sugar coated raspberries and apricot blossoms and evocative and tempting candy as if you are welcoming the ringleader. Uncovering the illusion comes the heart note with continuing magic as blue peony, water lily and addictive red sweetheart orchid takes away the limelight from the top notes and provides delicious sensation and exhilarating temptations. The base note is a show stealer as the grand finale captivates your seductive and sensual senses with the blend of sweet vanilla wood violet candy and smooth musk.


Intricate detailing on the bottle neck gives this perfume a rich appeal.

Its packaging in blue is very soothing.
It has a mind blowing aroma.
The fragrance is long lasting.

8. Britney Spears Believe Eau De Parfum 100 ml
PRICE : USD 27.92

This is sensual and warm, delicate and feminine as exotic fruits, soft flora and amber blends into a sparkling fragrance to provide a seductive and very lively aroma, which define the aura of womanhood. The fragrance is presented in a modern, peridot colored bottle with a striking silhouette, just like the diva. Inner light shines bright with a mouth watering top note of guava pulp and golden tangerine. Heart notes are blend of delicate florals and includes feminine honeysuckle and it is intertwined with the hints of lined blossom. The base note is a balance of sophistication and vivacious sprit. It includes patchouli that is wrapped in a wink of sensual amber and pink praline, which soothes your senses.


It’s fruity fragrance and ultra modern bottle which looks feminine in green makes it irresistible.

The long lasting effect of this fragrance drools you.
It is fresh and fruity which is flirty and lively.

9. Hidden Fantasy EDP 100 ml Spray by Britney Spears
PRICE : USD 31.86

This celebrity launch is an intriguing take on the original Fantasy fragrance. This perfume takes you into the world of unspoken desires. It defines the woman who lets her imagination run wild and who can explain her hidden desires with her fragrance. The top notes of this fragrance include sweet orange, grape fruit and verbena. This is combined with the heart notes of jasmine and clove, which is followed by the arousing base of vanilla bean and amber.


The citrus aroma of this perfume makes the fragrance long lasting and tangy, and it keeps you fresh all day long.

This fragrance can be worn anytime of the day.
Its pink bottle is very attractive.

10. Curious EDP 30 ml Spray by Britney Spears
PRICE : USD 20.75

This new fragrance created by Elizabeth Arden is inspired by the pop sensation Britney Spears. It encompasses a scent of appealing fresh floral quality. It is a perfect but rare blend of lotus blossom, star jasmine and pink cyclamen. This fragrance has been categorized as both thrilling and satisfying. It has soothing and fresh floral fragrance. Accords of this fragrance include Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla infused musk, sandalwood and blonde wood, which soothes the senses and makes you feel fresh always.


The packaging is designed in such a way that it resembles spaceship or that of a genie bottle that is very attractive and feminine.

It is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles and also can be brought as the gift sets in 5 ml, 10 ml and 30 ml bottles.
The bottle is light in color and it is accented with two dangling pink hearts which looks feminine.

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