How to bleach hair at home

Bleach hair at home

A simple way to get that light, blonde glamorous look is to bleach your hair at home. It is cost-effective also. Branded bleaching kit and the a little grasp on the procedure is all you require to get started. Here is a step by step guide to help you through the hair bleaching process.

Difficulty level


Time required

30 minutes to 1 hour

Resources required

  1. Claw clips

  2. Pair of gloves

  3. Branded bleaching-kit

  4. Towel

  5. Shower cap

  6. Brush

  7. Blow-dryer

  8. A plastic or glass bowl

  9. Scissors

  10. A stop-watch or timer.

Estimate cost



Choose the suitable bleaching kit for your hair. Read the instructions carefully before starting. Do a patch test on the hair before application.

1. Get ready

Mix the bleach carefully as per the instructions. Combine the lightener and developer as per the given measurement. The consistency of the bleach should neither be thick nor be thin. Make use of the applicator brush that comes along with the kit to mix the paste. Wear an old T- shirt that you do not mind if stained. Slot in the gloves.

2. Apply the bleach

After parting the hair using the claw clips, start applying the bleach on each and every part removing the clips from each section. Begin at the rear of your head, move around and then apply on the top. Apply quickly so that your hair gets the bleach equally.

3. Blow-dry

Once you complete all the sections of hair, remove the clips and cover the hair with a shower cap. Now, use the blow dryer to warm the cap. Continue until the head feels warm. This action is to speed-up the bleaching process.

4. Leave the bleach

See the guide on the back of the kit to make sure the time it consumes to bleach your hair. Inspect your hair often when you get close to the recommended time in order to avoid over-processing your hair.

5. Wash the hair

After the recommended time, wash the hair with a mild shampoo and rinse well. As bleaching may dry out your hair, use a quality conditioner to provide smoothness and luster to your hair. Dry the hair. Now you are ready to show off your beautiful blonde hair!!!

Frequently asked questions

1. Question. Can I dye my hair only for a day?

Answer. No. You cannot. Dye makes your hair darker. To make it lighter (blonde), you need to use especial bleach. Hair bleaching is permanent and cannot be rinsed away. It can be dyed back to the original color. However, the bleach will damage the hair.

2. Question. Can I mix water with my store bought bleach?

Answer. No. You cannot mix water. You need a developer for that.

3. Question. Can I lighten my hair with lemon juice instead of a bleaching kit?

Answer. No. Lemon juice cannot lighten the hair. Lemon juice and the ultraviolet rays of the sun will lighten your hair to certain extent. However, the disadvantage is extreme dryness. If your hair is very dark to start with, it will turn it into orange color! It is better to bleach your hair by a professional. You can also use a home bleaching kit.

Quick tips

1. Use a quality conditioner for a few weeks before you bleach in order to reduce hair damage.

2. Remove any hair dyes prior to bleaching.

3. Purchase a branded bleach kit and make sure to read the instructions carefully.

4. Always do a patch test on your skin and hair for sensitivity prior to bleaching.

5. Combine and apply the bleach on the roots at last.

6. Rinse out the bleach completely.

Things to watch out for

1. Before deciding to bleach, make sure whether you really want to alter your hair color.

2. Think about the possible risks for your health and look.

3. As hair bleach may have extremely dangerous chemicals and toxins, always handle them carefully and stay them away from eyes and mouth. Also, do not bleach with children around.

4. Do not wash away the bleach from your hair before the recommended time, as you may not get the desired shade. Also, do not leave it above the recommended time as it may damage the hair.

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