Bad beauty habits you need to quit right now

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Most of us, women in particular, crave for a radiant and healthy skin. To achieve this goal, we follow some common beauty practices without knowing whether they are propitious or not. While doing so, knowingly or unknowingly, we do more harm than good to our skin.Being informed of these common but disastrous beauty practices/habits will help you keep the possibility of destroying your skin at bay.  

Washing face early morning

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It’s our daily routine to wash face even before starting the day. Using harsh face wash and scrubs early morning can harm your skin by stripping it of all the essential oils. For a healthy skin, simply splash water on the face and apply a moisturizer with an SPF 15 or higher.

Skipping your neck

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We do everything to make our face look good and ignore the neck. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck as the difference between the face and neckis clearly visible. Apply sunscreen even below your jaw linein upward and outward motion.

Using hair iron

Using hair iron

Stop using flat and curling irons on your hair! It damages your hair more than bleaching. Ironing gives rise to split-ends and turns your hair rough.

Avoid wearing tons of make up

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Women should love themselves the way they are. Wearing heavy makeup is just like putting a mask. You should embrace natural beauty at first and if time demands, always use makeup with a light touch – stay mindful of not overdoing it.

Remove all makeup before work out and sleeping

Sleeping Girl on the bed

During daytime when it’s hot, the body cools by sweating and sweat escapes through the pores. Wearing makeup blocks the pores and causes pimples.Before you sleep, remove the makeup thoroughly and clean the face with a mild cleanser.

Wrapping wet hair in towel

Beautiful Thoughtful Girl in Towel After Bath. Idea.

Treat your locks with love and care. Wet, tangled hair are weak and stressing them will not be fair. Wrapping your locks in towel, rubbing them and combing them vigorously can break the hair shafts and leave hair frizzy and damaged.


Using a straw

Using a straw

Using straw to sip juice, coffee or tea can cause wrinkles on your jaw line. The repeated action can create vacuum in a straw and lead to smoker’s lines. The best way is to gently place your lips to the sides instead of the center.

In the lack of care and concern, beauty habits may prove bad at times. You need to break these bad beauty habits and adapt healthy ones in day to day lifeto prevent bad effects on your body.

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