Is Argan hair oil efficacious over olive oil for thinning frizzes?

I have thin hair, and they have turned frizzy due to using heat appliances on my hair frequently. I have been advised by my mom to use olive oil on my hair. I do put olive oil at night, and wash it the next day. However, it is not helping in moisturizing my frizzes. I have heard a lot about argon hair oil, and I wanted to know whether it would be equally effective on thin hair as mine, the way it is for thick hair! Moreover, do you think, I should discontinue using olive oil, once I start using Argon hair oil. I am just 16 and I am tired of switching to different serums, shampoos and conditioners every alternate day. I would be really thankful to you guys if you could tell me whether I should switch to this oil and leave olive oil. Please suggest aptly!

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