How to apply mineral make up

mineral makeup

If you do not have that flawless skin, mineral make-up can come to your rescue. Unlike any other make-up, this one looks more natural and gives you an instant glow, which lasts long. It is gaining popularity because it is not only good for the skin but also conceals the blemishes, pimples and dark circles. The best thing about mineral make-up is that it does not contain dyes or harsh chemical, thus making your skin prettier than ever.

Mineral make-up

Mineral make-up is a runway trend nowadays. This is for those who wants to look their natural best or for those who opt for a natural make-up rather than the one with chemicals. It comes in a wide variety ranging from concealers to foundations, blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks and every other thing that you can think of. Whatever be the reason, it is sure that mineral make-up is here to stay.

Learning the application process of mineral make-up can be little difficult for you if you are used to the chemical make-up available in the market. These simple tips can guide you through.

Complexity level

Moderate easy

Time required

Depending up on what look you want to carry, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Total Cost

It all depends on what product you are planning to use. Mineral make-up, generally, is costlier than the normal make-up available in the market.

Resources required

To begin with mineral make-up, you may require the following for the simple “day look”.

1. Mineral make-up foundation

2. Mineral make-up concealer (optional)

3. Mineral make-up eye shadow and eyeliners

4. Mineral make-up mascara

5. Mineral make-up lipstick

Application method

1. To begin with, you can use concealer to hide the marks and flaws on your skin. If you do not prefer using concealer and your face does not have any blemishes, then you can directly apply foundation on your skin. While choosing a foundation, you must keep in mind your skin tone. It is advisable to choose a tone lighter while making your selection. This gives a perfect blend when you use it on your face.

2. Once you are done with application on concealer and foundation, you can now work on your eyes. Mineral make-up eye shadows and liner makes your eyes look dashing. For the day make-up, you can use milder tones of eye shadow and liners, and for evenings you can choose from the wide range of loud colors available. With mineral make-up, you should always remember that it will look natural, and hence, if you want to flaunt a louder look then you need to apply it appropriately. Start with eyeliner, for a minimal look, apply once and for the heavier look, apply accordingly.

3. Once you are done with the application of eyeliner, you can now apply eye shadow (optional for the day look), depending upon your dress, mood and theme of the event. If you want your eyes to look bigger, then apply mineral make-up mascara to your lashes. If your lashes are naturally thick, then just one layer of mascara is enough. And if your eye lashes are thinner, then apply at least two or three layers to make them look heavy. It is great idea to opt for milder look during the day and a heavier look in the evening.

4. Once you are done with eyes, now it is time to do your lips. It is ideal to go for a nude lip color if you are carrying heavier eye makeup and opt for bold colors if you are wearing mild make-up on your eyes. But, if you think that you can carry off the all heavy look generously, then you can go for it. Ideally,

Quick tips

  • It is a better option to wear a milder hue in the daytime and vice versa.
  • Mineral make-up lipstick is a better option to use because it moisturizes your lips and keeps them supple throughout the day.

Things to watch out for

Applying mascara without noticing the natural thickness or thinness of the lashes can spoil the make up. If your lashes are naturally thick, then just one layer of mascara is enough. And if your eye lashes are thinner, then apply at least two or three layers to make them look heavy.

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