How to get the airbrush nail design clean off from my nails?

I got my nails done airbrush professionally few days ago, and they looked beautiful. It was my first time, as I have small nails. Nonetheless, I tried to use a light pastel color nail paint on my nails, and I could see that the airbrush nail design of dark colored flowers, seemed to look through from the paint. I then used Noxzema acne pads to remove the paint completely off my nails, but it didn’t work either. Actually, the reason for using Noxzema acne pads was that my sister told me that a little amount of alcohol is required to remove the paint. I wanted to know from some professional nail paint artist, whether I’ll need to go to the same place again to get the airbrush paint removed completely, as it looks fade now! Do you think it to be possible, to do my nails at home? Please advice suitably! I shall be thankful to you!