Is it advisable to use hair plus shampoo along with conditioner to treat thinning hair?

My hair are thinning at the front, and I have tried Nizoral shampoo as a friend advised me to use it to prevent hair fall, but it helped a little. I am just 21 years old, and it so pains me, when I see my hair on my comb while brushing my hair. I have stopped using hair dryer and straightener for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to be of any use. I have learnt about hair plus shampoo from my neighbor, but before I buy it, I want to know from some hair expert, if it can help me in making my hair thick. I want to know if it can treat my hair without making them dry, or would I be required to purchase a hair plus conditioner along with it? Please help with some suitable advice! Thanks.

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