9 Eyeliner mistakes to avoid

Applying eyeliner is an easier way to accentuate your eyes and add to your looks. For the perfect look, as with all makeup products, what matters the most is the application of eyeliner. A little mistake incurred while applying eyeliner can lead to a smudged and ugly look. In order to ensure that one gets that desired and attractive look, following are the critical mistakes, which one should avoid while applying the eyeliner.

1. Don’t overdo the liner

The basic purpose, for which eyeliner is applied, is to give definition to one’s eyes. Beauty of female eye is enhanced by applying apt amount of eyeliner. In contrast one can make it an ugly mess, if one overdoes the liner and applies the same to rim your eye completely. This will make sure that the eyes look small.

2. Do not apply a complete circle of eyeliner

The general recommendation on application of eyeliner is that one should use one fluid stroke or dot the eyeliner along the base of the eyelashes. This ensures good and beautiful results however one will get a look of wearing eyeglasses, if one applies the eyeliner as a complete circle around the eye. Further instead of laying emphasis on the eyes it will lay emphasis on the liner.

3. Avoid application of thick eyeliners

One should always remember the correlation between the eyeliner and the size of the eyelid. If the eyelid area is bigger than the eyeliner should be thick otherwise if the eyelid area is small than the liner should be thin. If your eyes are small, thick eyeliner will further exaggerate the smallness of the eyes.

4. Don’t apply mascara before you apply the eyeliner

Mascara as a cosmetic is used for darkening and thickening of eyelashes. For the completion of an effective eye make up one need’s to make sure that mascara is applied only post you apply the eyeliner. If one applies the mascara before eyeliner the chances of it deteriorating is much higher further it will ensure that one does not overdo the mascara.

5. Avoid lining the inside rims of the lids, the area between lashes and the eye itself.

One can get a very beautiful and classy look for a couple of hours, if one applies the eyeliner in the inside rims of the lids and between lashes. However post that, dark goopy specs are created the possibility of it spreading up into the corner of the eyes is much higher. This will ultimately lead to very ugly and messy look. This practice of application of the eyeliner inside rims is unhealthy for cornea if done on a regular basis .The area close to the eye gets infected causing irritation.

6. Don’t over blend your eyeliner onto the skin, under the lower lash line.

While application of the eyeliner, one must ensure that she does not over blend the eyeliner on the skin, especially under the lower lash line because that will further worsen your look instead of enhancing. The dark circles will be further overstated, so be sure that the lower line has a less intense line than the upper line.

7. Use of greasy or slick pencils on the lower lashes is not recommended

Use of greasy or slick pencils is an absolute no, because post their application on the lower lashes, the possibility of these pencils smearing and smudging is higher which will later result in a very ugly and messy look

8. Do not extend the liner beyond the corner of the eye

The liner should not extend beyond the corner of the eye, because though it looks good, but when overdone it looks too theatrical.

9. Use of brightly colored pencils or eye shadows is not recommended.

Use of bright colored pencils or eye shadows is not recommended as they are off putting and is perceived as too much makeup. The main purpose of eyeliner is to define your eye, but when one uses a bright colored pencil all that gets highlighted is color and not the eye of the applicant.

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