8 Easy steps to perfect eye make up

Eye Make Up

Eyes are the most expressive feature of our face and hence lot of importance is given to enhance them. Proper eye makeup for the dazzling night parties can light up your personality. Eyes can be very impressive even during the day. Lot of fashion conscious ladies give importance to eye makeup.

However, it is not possible to go to a beautician every time to enhance the look of your eyes. Sometimes you can try simple eye makeup at home as well and bring the charm in your face. If you are doing eye makeup for the first time, read through the following tips that could bring the sparkle to your eyes. The only thing required is carefulness and little patience of not spoiling the look by hurrying up things.

1. Use concealer to prepare your eyes

Before going for any eye makeup just prepare your eyes for makeover. First use concealer to cover dark circles of your inner eyes. Apply three dots with concealer under each eye. Now pat this dot’s with your finger to the inner corner of your eyes where maximum dark circles tends to appear. Then pat it under the pupil and lastly to the outer edge of your eyes. Keep on patting these dots unless they get disappeared.

2. Eye base for your eyelids

Now apply eye base to the lids. Make sure to apply this and not forget as it holds eye shadows for hours. If you do not primer your eye lid, after a little while your eye shadow ends up as a greasy line which gives a very messy look.

3. Line your eyes

You can experiment with dark colors for your evening parties. Dark eye shadows form a a great eye liner. Wet your slanted eye brush and dip it into eye shadow choosing a dark color. From inner to the outer corner of your eye, line it with the dark eye shade. Same way line the bottom of your eyes, but this time start it from the middle and mark it to the outer edge. With the help of your finger smudge the bottom line as it should be much prominent. If you are looking for a smoky eyes, with the help of eye brush just pat the shadow to the upper and lower eye lids. Try to smudge it a little so that it will get a smoky effect.

4. Apply shadow in rainbow form

Make your eye makeup more appealing by choosing to apply three toned eye color on your eye lids. Take a light color eye shadow (it will be good if it matches your eye lids) and with the eye brush pat it to the eye lid. Then take medium color shade and apply it above that and finally end this up with a dark colored shade. Give stroke of this three toned color across your lid towards the brow bone. Take your time in blending the colors perfectly; otherwise it would end up in a mess.

5. Use highlighter to brighten your eyes

Highlighter is used to brighten your eyes and this is applied only in the inner corner of your eyes. Dip your finger or brush to the light colors eye shade and pat it to the inner corner of the eyes. It helps your eyes to pop up getting a great brighten effect to your eyes. You can also use your finger and dab it to the eye shadow and press it to the corner of your eyes.

6. Highlight your eye brows

Take a light colored eye shadow and with the help of your finger just press and blend the shadow from the middle of your brow towards the brow bone. Make sure to apply a super light shadow to get the exact eye brow highlight effect.

7. Use lash curlers

Lash curlers help you get that gorgeous look. Heat your lash curler with a blow dryer in order to have additional effect. But before applying any curler to your lash, make sure to check it or you can burn your lashes badly. You can use a pair of falsies also.

8. Use mascara

You can use falsies and also you can do without it. Apply mascara to your lashes to get long think eye lashes. If you are using a pair of falsies, never forget to coat it with mascara. Take the mascara brush, dip it in to the liquid and give an inner to outer stoke over eye lashes. Wait for four minutes and let it dry. Apply another coating of mascara to get a thick and heavy lash effect.

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