7 Nail filing tips

Nail filing

Beautiful nails are the reflection of ones personality. They are the key factors in making your hands look beautiful and healthy. There are several aspects of nail care like cleaning of hands, trimming of nails, nail filing etc. Nail filing is one of the most important aspects of nail care. Filing is done to give proper shape to the nails. Filing also helps in preventing split ends, broken ends and rough edges. If you desire for healthy and beautiful nails, then your nail care regime should include nail filing. It is very important to select the right file for filing your nails. Use of metal file may make your nails harsh due to its coarse surface. Fine grain file will be a better and effective option. Remember to keep changing the file frequently. Here are some tips which may come handy in filing your nails:

1.Select the right tool for nail filing

One of the most important aspects of nail filing is to use the correct tools. Availability of different types of nail filing tools can confuse people. In order to select the correct tool you need to first determine the kind of filing you will be doing. A soft flexible file is apt for simple filing work. Some nail experts recommend double sided file while some advice for single sided file. Selecting files of varied style is largely a personal preference, only thing which needs to be remembered while selecting the file is that it should have fine grain and rough grains. Metal file have rough and coarse surface and they are harsh on nails. You might feel that these metal files make the filing fast but in the long run they are damaging to the nails as they cause a lot of wear and tear. So these metal files should be avoided. Files should be changed at regular intervals.

2.Hold the file correctly while filing the nails

It is very important to hold the file at a proper angle while filing the nails. The file and your finger tip should be at an angle of 45 degree. It should never be at 90 degree angle to the nail tip. This is necessary as this might wear down the nail’s hard protective surface. Keep the ideal length of the nails. It is important to maintain proper nail length to have healthier nails. When from the pink part of the nail it is a quarter inch long , it is the ideal length for filing. If you will try to file the nails which are less than 1 quarter length then the nails will become weak.

3.Clip the nails if they are more than quarter inch

If your nails are more than 1 quarter inch then it is recommended that you use nail clippers to size you nails.Never start clipping the nail from the centre. Always clip from the sides and then shape out your nail. Clipping from the centre will flatten the nail and might lead to tearing of the nail.

4.Shape of nail

Shape of the nail should be carefully selected. Experts recommend oval or round shaped nails. They provide strength to the nails and these shapes are less likely to lead to breakage. If you will file a lot from the sides, in order to give pointed shape to the nails, the nails might weaken and break.

5.Correct method of filing

While filing your nails keep the shape simple and ensure that your nails are of proper length (more than quarter inch )for filing. File with gentle strokes from the side of the nails to the centre and in the same direction. Be cautious while filing the sides of the nails as they provide strength to the nails.

6.Ensure that nails are clean before filing them

You need to ensure that your nails are clean before you start filing them. Wash your hands and nails properly and also remove the nail paint from the nails prior to filing them

7.Ensure that you nails are dry before filing the

Nails should be dry before you start filing them. This is because wet or moist nail are fragile and they might split while filing. After filing the nails, wash and moisturize your nails.

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