7 Facts to understand your skin

Understanding your skin

Before you select beauty products for your skin, it is essential to understand your skin. Selecting an unsuitable beauty product can harm your skin rather than benefiting it. Here are a few steps to help you understand your skin and skin type.

1. Let your skin breathe during the night

Cleansing your skin at night is necessary as a lot of dirt accumulates during the day, which can penetrate the pores, block them, and lead to the development of acne, which obviously you want to avoid. Don’t you? So, first use a mild cleanser to get rid of any traces of dirt on your skin followed by a toner to ensure complete cleaning. Once done, using a moisturizer is highly recommended to allow your skin to breathe and feel relaxed. It is very essential to use only those products that may suit your skin type. For instance, if you have a dry skin carefully choose a product labeled for dry skin only or it may lead to irritation or other serious issues as well.

2. Antioxidant food items are important

Introduce antioxidant food such as grapes and tomatoes to your diet. This will help reverse the signs of aging by facilitating the collagen production, which will further improve your skin’s appearance making it look younger and firmer. Food rich with antioxidants are not only tasty but are also beneficial for the health of your skin. They contain enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that help the body to stay free of radicals. In order to get the most out of tomatoes, it is advisable to eat them cooked instead of raw.

3. Ensure a balanced diet

To have a fabulous radiant skin, it is very essential to opt for a balanced diet. The aim is to get the right type and right amount of food. Food that is easy to digest ensure proper functioning of intestines. Make sure you choose food that does not leave you constipated as this may lead to the development of toxins in your body, which will affect the appearance of your skin. Non-oily and fat free food items are advisable.

4. Be aware about the sweet tooth

If you are one of those who mostly have a craving for something sweet or sugary, you need to watch out, as sugar is not your skin’s friend. Excessive sugar intake may lead to pre-mature aging of your skin by affecting the elastin that increases the elasticity of the skin. However, this does not mean that you should completely quit on sweets.

5. Avoid over-exfoliating

Regular exfoliation is a must for smooth and healthy complexion. It helps you to open the pores by removing dead skin cells. However, if the process is overdone, it may lead to skin irritation followed by dryness and redness. For best results, the exfoliating process should be performed once or maximum twice a week.

6. Cleanse your skin well

If you are used to putting makeup, use a muslin cloth for proper cleansing. On a wet muslin clothe apply some mild cleanser and wipe it gently. It will not only remove the makeup, but will also clean up the dust if any, as the dirt will stick to the wet clothe leaving your face clean and clear. Make sure to wash and dry the clothe each time you use it.

7. Fizzy drinks are bad for skin

Carbonated drinks are sure to leave your skin dehydrated and dull. The reason being unlike water it prevents the flushing of toxins due to which the dirt stays within and the skin becomes lifeless. So, if you get a craving for flavored drinks, satisfy your thirst with natural, non-fizzy drinks.

Overall, paying attention and giving time to your skin is the way to keep it healthy. Don’t just get carried away with each and every product that you see in advertisements. Make sure to give your preference to branded products and opt for the ones that are suitable for your skin type.