7 easy natural beauty routine tips

Natural beauty tips

The beauty products available in the market are mostly full of harmful chemicals. If you have ever worried about the chemical content harming your skin, you must have thought about switching to a natural beauty routine. But the thought of sitting for hours and stirring around ingredients to prepare a face mask is just what mostly refrains us from switching to a green beauty routine. It is, however, possible to develop a natural beauty regimen without preparing special concoctions or recipes. You can just pick the things mentioned here off the shelf and use them on your face, body and hair. Follow these simple natural tips for an eco-friendly beauty routine

1. Overripe avocados in the fridge

Avocado is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. So if there are over ripe avocados at home then don’t dump them in the trashcan. You can simply scoop out the softened fruit and mash it in a bowl till the consistency is like that of smooth batter. Now apply this on your hair and hair roots for about half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly with plain water. The next day you can shampoo your hair with gentle shampoo and voila… your hair is transformed into a beautiful glossy mane.

2. Leftover lemons and oranges in the kitchen

Lemons and oranges are a storehouse of vitamin C and hence highly useful for skin and hair. You can use lemon rinds for cleaning the rough and dry skin of your elbows and knees. Just cut the lemon into half, squeeze out the juice and sprinkle some common salt on the rinds. Now rub them over the dead skin of elbows and knees for five minutes. Wash with plain water and apply body lotion. The juice of left over oranges can be mixed into cream and applied on face and limbs for softer and cleaner skin.

3. Cranberry juice tin

Unsweetened cranberry juice can be used as a natural exfoliant. Dab some cotton pads into the juice and gently apply it on your face, arms, legs, neck, shoulders and on other body parts. The natural acids of the juice will gently exfoliate dead skin and let your new and radiant skin surface up.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great conditioner and moisturizer for skin and hair. If there is some olive oil in your kitchen than massage it into your skin and hair. It will drive away all the dryness of your hair and skin and will also repair hair damage. Don’t forget to wrap a towel soaked in warm water onto your head after applying olive oil into your hair for almost 10 minutes. This will allow the oil to go deep down in hair roots and will nourish your hair deeply.

5. Box of baking soda

If you have run out of your favorite deodorant and have to go out to attend an urgent meeting then don’t panic. That humble box of baking soda, kept in the corner cupboard of your kitchen will come forward for your rescue. Baking soda acts as a natural deodorant and soaks up armpit sweat and quells body odor.

6. Bottle of honey languishing in your kitchen

If there is this old bottle of honey lying in your kitchen then quickly add some lemon juice into it and shake the bottle well to mix it. Now apply this concoction on your face and neck for twenty minutes and see the difference in your skin. It will not only remove discoloration, it will also remove the pimples and will make your skin glow.

7. Strawberries in the fridge

Strawberries are great teeth whiteners. Now you don’t need to bleach your teeth with the help of chemicals. Your humble fruit strawberries will do it for you. Simple rub them on your teeth when you eat them. The malic acid present in the fruit will whiten your teeth and will give you the confidence to flash your 1000 watt smile.

By using these quick and easy natural packs and masks you can enhance your beauty and can also minimize your expenditure on beauty products. The need is to remain vigilant and think in terms of using natural products as green substitutes of ready-made beauty products.

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