6 Tips to put up neon eye makeup

Neon eye makeup

If you are looking for something new and wild then you can pump up the fashion quotient by adopting neon colors in your makeup kit. Neon eye makeup is high on fashion circuit and can transform a drab look in minutes. Here are a few tips to put up neon eye makeup in minutes.

1. The right color

You have a large palette to choose from. You can either choose a bright neon eye shadow or the latest bold neon colour which is also UV reactive. These UV reactive colours are real bold and intensive. Under normal lighting conditions, they will appear to be quite bright but they are at their best when you are out clubbing and your eye make up is subjected to UV lights. The ultra violet lights will make your eye makeup illuminate with great intensity and will never fail the attention.

2. The right impact
For the maximum effect, you can try and blend your neon eye makeup with your hair color, eye color or outfit. For instance, if you have experimented by dying your hair blue then use neon eye colours such as yellow, green, and turquoise.

3. Application
After you have settled your mind with the colors, you need to concentrate on the right procedure of applying it. For example, if you have chosen green, yellow and turquoise, as cited above then start with sweeping bight yellow in the area between the eye lid and the eye brow. Continue beyond the edges, across the eye brows and till your hairline. Then take electric blue and apply it over your eye lid, beneath the yellow and at the sides. Use an electric blue neon or charcoal black eye liner from the edge of your lashes to the edge of your eyes. then to add contrast, apply turquoise under the eye lashes, up and out toward the edge of the eyes.

4. Mascara
Use the darkest black mascara that you can lay your hands on. Apply two coats of this on the top lashes. To make the effect more dramatic, use two coats of electric green mascara on the bottom lashes.

5. Lips
After you are done with the eye makeup, finish it off in style with neon pink lip color. It will accentuate your neon eye makeup to the maxmum effect.

6. Makeup with a difference
You can also try something unique by using neon colors and continuing the makeup across your eyes and towards the bridge of your nose, creating a mask like effect. You can also boost up the fun by using neon eye brow pencils and coloring your brows neon!

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