6 Effective ways to get longer eyelashes

Longer eyelashes

The beauty of the eye is enhanced with well kept eyelashes. Longer eyelashes and trendy eye make up can lend a beautiful look to your face. Some women do not have long eyelashes. While some resort to artificial eyelashes, others like to go with natural methods to grow longer eyelashes. Here are a ways to get longer eyelashes.

1. Biotin is good for the eyelashes

Biotin is a nutrient that enhances the healthy growth of hair, the shine of the skin, strengthening of nails, and imparts the volume and length of eyelashes too. It is available in the form of tablets under renowned pharmaceutical brands. The local medicine shops keep considerable stocks of biotin tablets from different companies. You can take one tablet a day with water, after breakfast. However, the dosage should be minimum 5 mg a day, anything lesser than that will not be helpful.

2. Supplements in diet is very effective

The innumerable health benefits of Omega 3 are well recognized. However, what most of the people might not know is that Omega 3 also assists in the growth of healthy and longer eyelashes. Include food rich in Omega 3 as vital part of your daily diet. Choose fishes such as salmon, nuts like almonds, fish oil, flax seed, etc. over other things as they are rich sources of Omega 3. Similarly, it has been found by subsequent researches that the basic building blocks of the eyelashes are proteins. The more protein enriched balanced food you eat, the healthier and longer lashes you get. Include sufficient quantities of green vegetables, leafy vegetables, sprouts, beans, lentils, legumes, and dairy in your every day platter to provide your body with adequate protein. This will assist you in achieving beautiful lashes.

3. Be gentle on your lashes

Most of the women are gentle on their eyes and eyelashes when they put on their makeup. They give time to draw fine lines of eyeliner over their eyelids, carefully brush mascara onto the lashes and draw the eyebrows. However, when the time of makeup removal comes, they seem to rush with the process. They rub off the lashes vigorously to remove the mascara. This plays havoc on the eyelashes. Stay away from such a practice.

4. Avoid waterproof products

Although waterproof products seem to be more convenient to use as they do not smudge and make you look ugly, but they are harsh on the eyelashes. These products have a quick drying property, which makes the lashes get dry and dehydrated. The process of removal of such waterproof products also becomes quite cumbersome. All these damage the eyelashes. A good practice is to allow the eyelashes to remain free from mascara at least a day or two in a week.

5. Keep the eyelashes moisturized

This is a very conventional, yet effective way to take care of the eyelashes and help them to grow longer. A gentle oil massage on the lashes and the areas around it with white Vaseline or olive oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, etc. is very beneficial. Massage some quantity of one of the above-mentioned products on your eyelashes at bedtime and wake up the next day to find healthy and shining lashes.

6. Encourage regular flow of blood

Just the way you comb your hair or give your face and body a massage to enhance the normal circulation of blood, brush your eye lashes to stimulate the flow of blood. A more regularized and normal blood flow will carry all the essential nutrients that your body extracts from food and circulate it throughout the body. Therefore, the area around the lashes will also get these nutrients if the blood flow is regular. This will lead to healthy lashes that will grow longer at a faster rate.

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