5 Tips for whiter teeth

Whiter teeth

The key to having healthy and clean teeth lies in maintaing every day cleaning habits. As a way to keeping things beautiful is an every day’s gradual effort, similarly keeping your teeth shiny takes only a two to five minutes a day. All you have to do is to brush after eating any sweet food. And yet those of you who want to have even whiter teeth can now have them following certain tips. A carefulness is required in following these steps. Once you tend to avoid the teeth care, then it would get spoiled in no time. Also there are some of the drinks that when you start to have them in excess can leave a stain behind. And it gets worse over the night if you do not brush your teeth off.

1. Keep a check at what you drink

The first most important tip is to watch out what you are drinking. There are drinks that we consume every day that are detrimental to the color of the teeth for example caffeine, soda, red wine and white wine. These drinks tend to leave behind a stain on the teeth, which when not brushed off results in to yellowing of the teeth. Thus, take these things in limit. And use whitening toothpastes which provide your teeth with essential polishing agents.

2. The anti-biotics that you might be taking

The second tip is to avoid taking certain pills as they cause yellowing of your teeth. The drugs that include staining the teeth are tetracycline antibiotics as they dull the color of your teeth. You can surely consult your dentist about this and have preventive measures to protect your teeth.

3. Teeth whitening at home

The third tip is to get your dentist to suggest you with the best over-the-counter whitening products that you can use at home. Whitening toothpastes can do wonder for you, provided you follow the proper technique of brushing the teeth. Its important to know here that though yellowish layer of your teeth can lighten up well as its mostly a result of drinking and smoking. However, the brownish or grayish layer is a bit harmful as it is often a result of taking anti-biotics at a young age and thus the toothpastes whiteners may not help much in that.

4. Getting a customized tray from your dentist

The fourth tip to have shiny teeth includes going to your dentist and asking him to make a customized dental tray for you. A custom tray includes a gel kit, which reduces the yellowing of the teeth. It also includes whitening strips and paint on gels for the teeth. Such a tray could really benefit you and give you shining teeth. Such trays consist of chemical like carbamide peroxide and fluoride. The only disadvantage with the usage of such chemicals is that it might increase teeth sensitivity. The cost is around $ 300 up to $ 450.

5. To have even whiter smile

The fifth and final tip is to do more to get even whiter smile. To get an extra white smile, and if the teeth whitening doesn’t work well for you or you simply want to have more whiter teeth, then you can definitely consider bonding or poreclain veneers. In bonding, a dentist puts a resin over your teeth while porcelain veneers are manufactured in the laboratories of the dentists. The bonding costs you around $300 while porcelain veneers may cost you around $1500.

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