5 Tips to use your perfume as a man magnet

Wearing a perfume

Choosing the perfume that is his favorite is probably not enough to drag his attention. The skill of putting on the perfume is as important as buying the favorite perfume itself. Wearing perfume can boost confidence, pep up the mood and create a different environment all together. The perfumes can be worn in ways that make them a man magnet and adds to the attractiveness of a woman as perceived by men. Here are a few tips to make your perfume a man magnet.

1. The hot spots

These are your pulse points where blood flows near the skin. And the lovely nape of your neck is one of them. Spritz on there and as your pulse goes on rising, your perfume will start to pulse around too and won’t your guy love that! You don’t want to miss giving your collarbone, earlobes, wrists, the inner part of elbows and knees. You can choose to dab the perfume on a cotton ball and put it on your pulse points.

2. The magical elements

The scents of Lavender and pumpkin pie are highly recommended. Since they are known to be relaxing, when these two elements come together they will let your guy feel such a sense of relaxation that he will love you for it! Spritz a little bit of a perfume that has the two scents and you can never go wrong.

3. The ‘Walkthrough’

Here is one trick that is a perfect way to get all that delicious aroma on you. And the technique is as easy as it gets. Once you are dressed up and are done with spritzing your perfume on your hot spots, prepare to spray some magic. Hold out the perfume bottle up in front of you and then spray a tiny amount into the air like a cloud. Slowly walk through the mist. The perfume will cling to your body and release its effects

4. Your lovely tresses

Make a man swoon by spraying a little bit of that alluring scent of yours on your hair. Honestly, what better way to compliment your hairstyle? Guys simply love to smell your hair, so why not give them a treat? But before doing that make sure your hair is washed. You do not want the natural oils of your hair cause changes in your chosen perfume. Simply spray a little bit of your favorite one. Alternatively, you can choose hair perfumes to avoid any damage to your hair.

5. Layer the scents

Layering involves applying several perfume fragrances on the skin for a brand new scent. After a self pampering shower with a delicious smelling shower gel, treat your skin liberally to a moisturizer. The last layer will be your chosen eau de toilette. Remember to match the scents and don’t use anything contrasting or you’ll end up smelling awful. Use the walk through method so that you don’t ‘overdose’.

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