5 tips to enhance your professional beauty

Right make-ups for office

Women have always used make-up to adorn their faces to look attractive. Even in the years prior to the mega-cosmetic industry, women used natural emollients to smoothen their skin, and juices of colored berries to brighten their lips. Every woman is beautiful, and make-up acts just as a catalyst to embellish their splendor. For her, make-up is a part and parcel of life. It enhances her beauty, and makes her look more stunning. But, this does not mean that in order to look beautiful one will have to always apply more and more war paint, or make-up inappropriately. Suppose that you are in office, then, it is very obvious that over there you would make-up in a professional way, and would not be applying party or disco make-ups.

Doing a proper make-up is not always easy. The reason behind this is that a particular way of make-up might suit one woman, but might not go with some other woman. Again, make-up varies according to the place and occasion, for example, the make-up at parties would differ from that of the wedding ceremonies. But, things become knotty when one does not understand what kind of make-up is apt at workplaces.

In office, you need to be professional and your styling must not be such that you become the laughingstock over there. Your make-up must not distract the attention of people in any way. Of course, I am sure you would not like your boss or colleagues to glare at your sparkly lips, rather than your presentation. That obviously does not mean that I am telling you not to apply any make-up at all. However, in order to acquaint you with the correct style and make-up that you should pick for official purposes, I have discussed below the following five tips.

1. The nitty-gritty of make-up

The first thing that you should keep in mind is, do not do too much with your make-up as far as your office is concerned. Preparing yourself for your upcoming meeting should be the prime concern, and not the amount of time you can spend in front of the mirror. Secondly, do not keep applying coats, and do not keep adding or darkening the colors of your eyes or lips. Always remember that it is your office, and so being simple yet attractive should be your style. While you have to run from one task to the next, you would not be having any time to look at yourself. So, apply your make-up in such a way that it requires the least amount of maintenance and retouching.

2. Face

For face, firstly apply the face wash which suits your skin type. Then, cleanse it thoroughly with cold water. After this apply primer or moisturizer. Pat powdered foundation on it, and then flush the face nicely. Do not apply liquid foundation. Use your hand, cotton or brush to apply the foundation evenly until you reach the hairline. If you are confused with which kind of foundation will go with your skin tone, then just choose three shades that you feel goes fine with your skin color. Along with your jawbone, apply all the three shades next to each other. Blend each of these separately and see that which one blends most perfectly with the color of your skin. The one which blends is the one that you should use. Keep in mind to use only that foundation that contains a sunscreen. If your foundation does not have that, then buy a sunscreen lotion, and apply before you layer up your face with the foundation. Next, to cover up the marks, scars, and flaws, use your concealer. Then, you can apply either colored powder or translucent powder with a soft brush on your skin. Do not forget to merge it completely with the foundation. Avoid blushers, and instead, use highlighters to get that professional look.

3. Hair

Most women are concerned about the right hairstyle that will give them that ideal professional look. Well, it depends on the face cut, and your ability to handle the hair. While some women are able to manage long hair, some are not. Short hair, layered razor cuts, side-swept, middle or side parted fringes are appropriate in a working environment. Nevertheless, whatever is your hairstyle, comb your hair nicely and pin it properly.

4. Eyes

Eyes, the windows to a woman’s soul, have always been attended to, and enhanced with every known make-up tip. So, to make them look more elegant and pretty, you need to beautify it with lots of caution. Use the best brands of eyeliner, eye shades and mascaras which can last for hours. Since, it is about office, I would suggest you not to apply glittery eye make-ups. Go for some frosted honey-colored eye-primer and shadows. Deep brown eyeliner or mascaras will look really good. Make sure that all these do not get smudged after a long hectic office work. Apply some brow gel on to your eyebrows to bring the dazzling look. Depending on your eye color, choose the perfect eye shades. If you have green eyes, then you may apply copper, crimson or mauve-colored eye shades. If you have blue eyes, then coral, golden or orange color will suit you. Bronze, plum, copper, navy blue, etc., will do magic for someone with brown or black-colored eyes. And, if you have hazel-brown-colored eyes, then you can pick grey-green, golden, brown or khaki colors.

5. Lips

For lips, some light and simple colors should be preferred to give you a professional look. Surely, you would not have any time to maintain the lip color, so use lasting quality of lipcolor. For office, you can apply only gloss. But, if you have time, then coffee-colored lip pencil and lip gloss are perfectly fine. If you have thick lips, then pink, maroon, brown, copper will make your lips look thinner. To make the natural line of your lip hazy, just apply a mite of foundation. You can then draw the desired outline and shape your lips. Similarly, for small lips, you can draw a lip line outside the natural lip line to make them look thicker and use light-pink, frosted, peach, metallic or beige colors of lipstick. You can use lip plumber to add perfection to your lips. And, at the end, touch up with a lip gloss.

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