5 Best natural lipsticks

Natural lipsticks

There is no other way to induce more appeal to your silhouette than applying a stroke of lipstick on your lips. But wait; are you using the right product in your way to enhance your look? While most of us hardly pay attention to the ingredients of our cosmetics, the reality is, not all beauty products contain safe and non-toxic ingredients. Most cosmetics are normally the minefield of toxic chemicals, which can discreetly influence your beauty from inside, if not visibly.

When navigating the cosmetic arena, sometimes it could be little challenging to discover the right product that doesn’t expose you to potential beauty risks. Well, don’t fret for long. We will tell you about different natural lipsticks available in the market that don’t carry any sort of inorganic, toxic elements. Have a look.

1. Primitive 15 oz lipstick

Manufacturer: Primitive

Primitive introduces a range of complete, natural lipsticks to beautify your personality without injecting harmful chemicals in your skin. Coming in various trendy colors and luscious texture, these lipsticks are the last product to harm your lips and beauty. It also contains Calendula that helps soothe your beautiful skin for longer hours.

Price: 17.50 USD

2. Jane Iredale Pure Moist

Manufacturer: Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale truly understands the necessity of real ingredients to elevate one’s beauty and has created makeup products that are entirely made from clean and safe ingredients without any amalgamation of preservatives, synthesis and artificial colors. All the beauty products are crafted in the small batches of pure, clean and safe ingredients.

Price: 24 USD

3. Nvey Eco Lipstick

Manufacturer: Nvey Eco

For the woman who believes in quality, welcome home this Nvey Eco natural lipstick. This exceptionally magical, multi-tasking lipstick will turn your entire look from drab to fab without compromising on the health of your skin. You will not find any inorganic, harsh chemical stuff, and it also provides full spectrum sunblock protection.

Price: 24 USD

4. W3LL People Nudist – Supernatural Lipshine

Manufacturer: W3LL People

If you are looking for vegetarian makeup product or something with no petroleum oil, then say hello to W3LL People lipstick (pronounced as well people lipstick). This is a luminous lipstick, which is made of 100% natural and organic products. Apply any shades of these lipsticks to induce more femininity to your appearance within seconds.

Price: 23 USD

5. Couleur Carmel Lipstick

Manufacturer: Couleur Carmel

Couleur Carmel ranks among some of the leading cosmetic companies in France and around the globe. Staying at their promise to deliver makeup products free from non-toxic ingredients, Couleur Carmel has come up with their new version of lipsticks that is Woodstock original and contains no added preservatives and Paraben or fragrance. This product is eco-cert certified and is 100% natural.

Price: 26 USD

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