5 Lip plumping tricks

Pouty, full lips

Full and plump lips, with a hint of poutiness is what every women wants. Not only is it attractive and alluring, plump lips are considered to be more feminine. Women with thin lips or older women, sometimes decide to enhance their appearance by going for a surgical lip enhancement. The surgery is not necessary, especially when it is easy to get the same effect without incurring a large expenditure.

The following are a few tips for plump, kissable lips;

1. Apply eyeshadow

With either your fingertip or a different shadow brush, and after your favorite lipstick has darkened your lips, add a shimmery powder eyeshadow. A touch on the inner-center section on both rims of your lips, will give you the effect you crave. You are advised to pick an eyeshadow color lighter than your lipstick for the plumping effect and a sleek shine. For example, a dash of pink eyeshadow will compliment red lipstick nicely.

2. Outline of lip-liner

Lip-liner is an effective way to achieve glamorous lips, it just takes a small trick. Once you apply lip liner, smudge it a little so the edges are not clearly defined. This will soften and enhance the fullness of your lips. Subsequently, lip gloss will finish the job.

3. Clear gloss

It is one of the easiest and most common methods for lip plumpness. It gives your lips a glossy, reflective surface so they appear curvier and thick.

Color your lips with your favorite lipstick before daubing the middle of your upper and lower lips with a dot of clear lip gloss. To further dramatize the effect, dip a small brush in beige eyeshadow and dab a little alongside the edges of your top lip. You will be surprised at how clear gloss can alter the contours of your lips.

4. Lip plumping glosses

These are special cosmetic products designed to plump your lips without any pain or surgical measures. Additionally, it is less costly than going to a medical professional. Many lip plumpers in the market will work wonders on your lips; however, you have to choose carefully.

Read the label to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in the lip plumper. More importantly, it has to be clearly mentioned that the product has been tested. You do not want to take an unnecessary risk.

When you use the product you can expect a tingling sensation. If the tingling lasts for longer than 10 to 15 seconds or causes over- plumping, discontinue the product.

These lip plumping glosses contain hyaluronic acid, the same component used in lip injections. The acid plumps the lips by absorbing moisture and stimulating collagen synthesis, so the process is safer with minimal risk.

Plumping lip balm is a similar product that will give you the same effect. However, side-effects such as lip ulcerations and painful tingling sensations have been noted for a short-term period. Nevertheless, customers appreciate the results and love flaunting their beautiful lips.

5. Lighter shades

For plumper lips, choose lighter lipsticks and lip glosses. Light tones have been known to magnify the voluptuousness of the lips. Some of the best colors are available that amplify the desired luster are nude, pale and beige pink colors.

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