5 Holiday hair ideas to steal from celebs

Jessica Alba

Festivities are just round the corner and its celebration time. Its time to rejoice, make merry and party. Its time to shed inhibitions as well as the old clothes, makeup and hairdo. Its time that you show-off the stylish and glamorous side of you. When you are planning to party hard, you would certainly not want to be left behind during the time when everyone around is donning a new avatar. To make your celebrations truly special and to make you look sumptuous enough to turn heads, here are some of the fabulous holiday hair ideas inspired by some of the most gorgeous Hollywood hotties.

1. Sideswept Curls

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s in Sideswept Curls

When the sexy diva wore the hair sideswept in beautiful golden curls, she literally made the jaw drops with her oomph factor.

DIY celeb holiday hairstyle

Sideswept hair is one such hairstyle that is making waves for quite sometime now. We have spotted many hot divas sporting the sideswept hair in various red carpet events. Super sexy Scarlett Johansson sported it and so can you this party season. This super easy and simple hairdo is sure to add oodles of glamour to your holiday look. First of all, blow dry your hair. Use beach spray to add some texture to the tresses. Use curling iron to create curls in random directions towards the bottom of your mane. With the help of your fingers, sweep your hair from one side to another and then secure the sideswept hair up with bobby pins. Use a toothbrush with hairspray to create the sexy waves in the front. Just uplift the front waves and swirl it. Here you are all set to steal the admiring glances in the party with your gorgeous sideswept hairdo.

2. Glitzy hair accessories

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s Glitzy hair accessory

Paris Hilton wore a twisted, sparkling silver hair accessory and created a buzz with her unique style statement in LA at the launch of her sunglass collection.

DIY celeb holiday hairstyle

Create beach waves or keep it flat ironed, take a pick as per your preference. You can keep side parting or middle parting that too is your choice but keep your tresses opened and flowing to accessorize it with glittery headband. You can wear the studded head accessory to create a perfect holiday look this season and sparkle like the Diva herself.

3. Barbarella Style

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde sporting a “Barbarella” hairstyle

The super glam Hollywood hottie sported a hairdo inspired by 1968 Jane Fonda movie Barbarella in the Nylon magazine party in LA. The look was created by the famous celebrity hairstylist David Babaii.

DIY celeb holiday hairstyle

Easy to make Barbarella style is one of the most gorgeous holiday hairdos. First of all, rough dry your hair using your hands and add diffuser to create volume and luster in the hair. Use 2 ½ inches of curling iron, wrapping the hair from both sides clock wise and counter clockwise to create loose waves towards the bottom of the hair. Feather out hair with a large comb to create a slightly unkempt and carefree look. Keep the front bangs sleek and straight to look as dishy as Olivia Wilde with her golden locks.

4. Dual Textured Bun

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel sporting a dual textured bun

When the glamorous and beautiful Jessica Biel sported a dual textured bun in a red carpet event teamed with a sparkling dress, heads were bound to turn.

DIY celeb holiday hairstyle

You can also steal lots of appreciative glances this holiday season with a simple yet stylish dual textured bun, which has a sleek front and messy back. The idea is to keep it simple, touchable and slightly disheveled to create this chic and super sexy look. Just back comb your hair and create a bun lightly higher. Keep the bun messy for this gorgeous look. Team it with a sparkling glitzy dress and be ready make the world groove around you.

5. French Braids

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba sporting chic French braids

Steaming hot Jessica Alba keeps the temperature soaring with her oozing glam appeal every time she sports the French braids around her head and she sported this chic hairdo in various red carpet events.

DIY celeb holiday hairstyle

Easy to make French braids are definitely the flavour of the season. The only effort that you have to be made to get this gorgeous holiday hairdo is to create French braids and weave it around your head. Don’t bother to be too perfect with the braid beacuse the disheveled look is what makes this hairdo so chic and sexy. The perfect braid will spoil the look and make it appear more like a crown than a charming and stylish hairdo. Secure the braids around your head with hair pins. Wear it with oodles of panache and attitude to steal the thunders this party season.