4 winter beauty mistakes to avoid

Winter brings with a number of beauty challenges and most women think they can banish these with the use of specialized products alone. However, by avoiding these 4 beauty mistakes, you can keep your skin blemish free the entire winter and have less maintenance to do by the time spring rolls around.


1.[box_dark] Neglecting your feet[/box_dark]

Through the winter, your feet stay hidden under socks, footed leggings and boots which means that you pay less attention to them during the season. Not only does this heighten the risk of fungal infections in nails and toes, it can also result in the buildup of calluses on heels. Just make removing your foot calluses a part of your post-bath soak routine and use a good winter moisturizer to keep them soft through the season.

2.[box_dark] Wearing regular makeup[/box_dark]

You may feel like waterproof makeup is for summer and rainy season alone but the chilly winter can make your eyes teary and your nose runny which could ruin your perfectly made-up face easily.

3. [box_dark]Long, hot showers[/box_dark]

Long hot showers are one of the few really enjoyable experiences that winter brings though it can be very damaging to your skin over time as the hot water dries out your skin quite badly. If you can’t skip hot water showers for lukewarm ones just apply a layer of oil on your skin before bathing to negate its adverse effects.

4. S[box_dark]kipping the sunscreen[/box_dark]

You may feel that SPF is for summers only but the fact remains that people get more sunbrunt during the winters than in the warmer season since the air is drier and we don’t protect our faces with SPF creams. During the winter, you should wear a moisturizing sun screen or use an SPF 30+ version of the face cream.

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