4 Anti aging formulas that actually work

Anti aging creams

As soon as a women enters the third decade of her life, the ageing process begins and to counterbalance it, the anti-aging process starts too! Though there are a myriad of creams available in the market to start off the anti aging process, only a few bring out the desired effect. We have put together a list of the most effective anti aging creams. Read on and choose the best for your skin.

1. Kiehl’s High-Potency Skin-Firming Concentrate

Kielh's High Potency skin firming cream

The main ingredient in Kiehl’s highly effective Skin Firming Concentrate is oligopeptide. This product is the most potent because of this key ingredient which helps to tighten the skin. Moreover peptides are very powerful in producing elastins and collagens which strengthens the facial skin. Another ingredient in this hydrating lotion is honey and sodium hyaluronate which prevent skin from dehydrating which can lead to ageing.

Price $56 USD

2. This Works Active Oil

This Works Active Oil

If you don’t like too many chemicals and think going natural is your way to prevent ageing, this oil is the perfect product for you. The main ingredient of this oil, Marula oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants have the potency to slow down the ageing process by fighting free radicals. Though other ingredients like Tuberose and Jasmine oil, don’t have powerful anti-ageing properties yet they do help relax your senses and soothe red, dry and harsh skin.

Price $50 USD

3. Rodial-Glamotox Night

Rodial-Glamotox Night

This gel helps fight ageing by targeting problem areas like wrinkles and plumps. With Rentinol as its key ingredient, this Vitamin A compound prevents the production of collagenese. This, as the name says, breaks down collagen which is mainly responsible for skin firming and hence makes the skin loose and inelastic.The Glamtox Night gel is a favourite of all many Hollywood celebs like ex spice girl Victoria Beckham, The F.R.I.E.N.D.S star Jennifer Aniston and the famous singer Beyonce. Other components of this gel are Vitamin C and soy flavonoids which reduce pore size and help in skin tone brightening.

Price $110 USD

4. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Capsules

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold capsules

If you want to go medicinal to prevent your skin from ageing and are ready to pop a pill, The Gold Capsule could be the best remedy for you. Right from the packaging stage, its amazing gold packaging captures your attention and the medicine with its amazing ingredients compel you to buy it. Its key component ceramide is a naturally occurring lipid which acts as a moisture barrier for our skin cells. Moreover to soothe the skin and take care of fine lines there are borage seed extracts in the capsules. An advantage of these capsules is that they are free from preservatives and fragrances.

Price $48 USD

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