3 Home remedies for winter skin care

Winter skin care

Taking care of your skin is always a tedious job. Winters requires extra efforts to avoid the effects of the falling humidity levels in the air. If left unattended the simple itch or small dry patch of your skin may aggravate into a bigger and gruesome problem. With a bit of care and a little effort you can keep your skin firm, glowing and healthy all through the winters.

1. Humidifiers

Constantly falling temperature results in low humidity level in the air. This dry and chilly air adversely affects the skin, leaving it itchy, rough and wrinkled. This problem can be solved by installing humidifiers in the room. This will help to maintain the appropriate moisture levels in the air, giving your skin more space to breathe. In case, if it is not possible to invest in humidifiers, all you can do is turn the warm water tap on and let your bath tub fill with it. Then close the door and turn the tap off. Stay there for at least half an hour. The pores of the skin will imbibe the moisture from the air which is present in the form of steam.

2. Moisturizer

It is always the best way to reclaim the lost water of the skin. One can moisturise as often as possible as per the need and convenience. But the best time to apply a moisturiser is just after the bath and before sleep. Whenever you are out of shower, pat your skin with a soft towel but don’t get harsh and it is always good to leave some water on the surface skin. Then apply baby oil or petroleum jelly or any other moisturiser as per your personal choice. Moisturising twice a day is ideally sufficient but it can be repeated if your skin demands.

3. Improvised bathing

One can also improvise the skin health by adding oil or oatmeal colloidal solution in the warm water bathing tub. The frequently recommended oils are sweet almond and jojoba oil. Aromatic oils also help to regain the moisture levels and nourish the skin. An oatmeal colloidal solution in the warm water tub also helps to revitalise your skin. Oatmeal bran is easily available in the market. To avoid clogging in the drains, it is crushed to a powdered form and then mixed with the warm water in the bathing tub. It helps to replenish the lost moisture and the sheen of the skin.

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