10 Nude lipsticks for every complexion

Nude lipsticks


While sporting red is as classic and essential a look as the LBD, the barely-there nude makeup trend has also become an essential part of our must-have looks. The style is highlighted by the use of minimal foundation and mildly colored blushers, and nude lips play a huge part in finishing off the look. Though most women tend to trade lightly-tinted lip balms in place of a proper lip color, the look is best put together by the use of a proper nude lipstick or tinted gloss. Since lips are not naturally the same color as the skin, achieving the perfect balance between retaining the base shade of your skin and matching your lip color as closely as aesthetically possible tends to become a bit of a challenge. The trick with nude lips, as opposed to metallics and bolder mattes, is to go with shades with hints of rose or earth-tones to make lips appear healthy without breaking away from the basic theme. Contrasted with smokey or heavily-lined eyes, the trend pays homage to the iconic 60s fashion models and the look has made a grand comeback in the new millennium.

For lips that match the skin, try putting a layer of concealer on the lips before applying the tint. For best results, sculpt the lips by outlining them with a dry lip liner in a shade slightly darker than the lip color. This will help you get a more defined lip and you can choose to go with either a slightly balmy-finish gloss or a matt lip shade, which works best in autumn. Here’s our pick of the top ten value-for-money nude lip colors that work with every complexion and skin tone.

1. Hourglass Cosmetics Prodigy Lip Gloss in Eden

Price: $26.00

Hourglass Cosmetics Prodigy Lip Gloss in Eden

Product Description: The Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss is a water resistant lip color, which gives lips a stunning sheer finish and stays on your lips longer than you regular glosses so you don’t need to keep retouching your lips every few hours. Designed with a special ultra-hydrating formula, the gloss comes enriched with Vitamin E, which helps your lips stay supple, soft, and fuller looking all day long and also actively helps fight chapping and cracking of the lips as the temperature starts dipping; allowing you to get all day protection and color in one single product.

Product USP: Formulated without synthetic fragrances, palates, sulfates, and parabens used in most lip colors, the Hourglass Cosmetics Prodigy Lip Gloss in Eden is created using a special formula that offers a non-sticky, silken finish to the lips without adversely affecting the skin of your lips or your health.


1. The superior water resistant color comes fortified with Vitamin E that helps moisturize, protects, and nourish the lips throughout a busy day.

2. Formulated with silica, the water resistant gloss ensures extended wear, so you don’t need to retouch your lips as often.

3. The streamlined “tube” is custom designed to perfectly match the contours of your palms, the back pockets of your jeans as well as clutches of all sizes so you can carry your Hourglass Cosmetics Prodigy Lip Gloss in Eden with you all time.

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

Price: $7.00

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

Product Description: The Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick is a lip color that comes with a special texture that looks slightly matte, but keeps your lips hydrated and supple all day long. The creamy, hydrating lipstick is highly pigmented; which means its color sticks more closely to the skin of your lips and does not wear off easily. The crisp color comes with the consistency of a balm-enriched lipstick, which makes it the perfect lip color for gals who tend to experience chapping in this weather.

Product USP: With a subtle frost that gives your lips an ethereal vibe, the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick serves as the perfect balm/lipstick combo in colder temperatures though ladies with naturally hydrated lips might wanna pair the color with dry lip pencil and apply the lipstick in the center of the upper lip first and blend using a brush from there to avoid color spillage.


1. Pure pigments allow the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick to give you a crisper color that stays on through the day.

2. Formulated with honey nectar, the nourishing color sensational lipstick leaves your pout with a creamy feel.

3. You can also pair the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick with the color sensational lip liner and the color sensational lip gloss from the same range to create a lip texture best suited to your personality.

3. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Organics Sheer Lip Tint

Price: $7.50

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Organics Sheer Lip Tint

Product Description: Almost 92% organic, C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Tints are a cult favorite among natural beauty lovers. With a lacquer worthy shine, the sheer wash of the nude shade helps enhance the natural lip color of the wearer while a soothing balm hydrates and moisturizes your pucker.

Product USP: The C.O. Bigelow Mentha Organics Sheer Lip Tint comes with a pleasant and refreshing mint flavoring, which helps your breath stay fresh all day long.


1. The thin formulation is easy to spread and is 92% organic.

2. With a lingering tingle of mint, the castor oil based color stays fresh longer.

3. The sheeny/glossy C.O. Bigelow Mentha Organics Sheer Lip Tint adds a hint of rose to lips and helps them stay supple.

4. Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss

Price: $6.00

Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss

Product Description: Infused with tiny flecks of glitter, the Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss imparts a bit of sparkle to your pucker without making you look too Vegas-y. Infused with a slight, lingering vanilla scent, the comforting gloss stays fresh for longer while its non sticky texture stays creamy through the day.

Product USP: The Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss helps your lips feels lighter than ever and the specially created, long lasting formulation never feels sticky.


1. The full coverage lip gloss applies with ease.

2. Fortified with vitamin A, C and E, the moisturizing formula of the Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss helps lips stay hydrated all day.

3. A precision doe foot applicator allows the user to retouch their lips anytime anywhere even without a mirror!

5. Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick

Price: $48.00

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick

Product Description: With just the right balance of luminosity, the ultra creamy texture of the Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick offers an incredibly smooth application and helps transform your pout into a dramatic accessory. Specially formulated pigments help Tom Ford’s modern lip color blend in with the lips to help the essential makeup shade deliver pure color.

Product USP: The luxurious formula of the Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick has an ultra creamy texture that makes the application incredibly smooth; while exotic and rare ingredients like Brazilian murumuru butter, soja seed extracts, and chamomilla flower oil help the color prevent chapping.


1. The blend of specially treated color pigments delivers a purer, cleaner tint to your lips.

2. Created to offer the perfect balance of luminosity, the color makes your lips look festive without going overboard.

3. The Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick is easy to apply and stays fresh longer.

6. BECCA’s Sheer Tint Lip Color

Price: $40.80

BECCA’s Sheer Tint Lip Colour

Product Description: Fortified with natural antioxidants and moisturizing agents such as Luffa cylindrica seed oil, honey extract, Candelilla wax, castor seed oil, beeswax, Shea butter, and cocoa seed butter, the hydrating BECCA’s Sheer Tint Lip Color gives lips a subtle shine that matches all skin tones. The cocktail of emollients and antioxidants in BECCA’s Sheer Tint Lip Color provides a smooth, even application that helps the creamy color stay longer and makes lips look moist, healthy, and full.

Product USP: The natural light vanilla/caramel scent used in BECCA’s Sheer Tint Lip Color gives your pout a delicious fragrance.


1. With a lid that twists and locks to the base, the lip color comes in a sleek metal case that makes it easy to carry and travel with.

2. Paraben-free, the BECCA Sheer Tint Lip Color is both nourishing as well as non drying.

3. The lip color is both anti bleeding as well as anti feathering

7. Jill Stuart Lipstick

Price: $42.00

Jill Stuart Lipstick

Product Description: The elegant color of the Jill Stuart Lipstick is further boosted by generous moisturizers that the lip color comes infused with and gives your lips a lovely pinkish nude lip color. From the luxurious line of cosmetics from New York based designer Jill Stuart, the luscious hue applies like a dream and easily glides on lips to give them a smooth and pigmented color.

Product USP: Adding a touch of luxury to your vanity collection, the Jill Stuart Lipstick comes with jewel tip and a clear cover wrapped silver metal tube.


1. The crown jewel sitting atop each Jill Stuart Lipstick makes a welcome addition to your makeup collection.

2. The elegant princess packaging is supplemented by peachy pink and aquatic blue colors.

3. The smooth and pigmented color is easy to apply and stay longer.

8. Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Price: $34.00

Rouge Volupte

Product Description: This award-winning Rouge Volupte lipstick is wrapped and imparts an irresistible glossy shine to your lips while the unique Color-shine Complex helps your lips saturate a captivating tint. The comforting formula is intensely pigmented and leaves lips visibly plumper. Formulated with rosemary extract, beeswax, paraffin, and rice bran oil, the Rouge Volupte lipstick gives your lips a light, silky texture making them look smoother and more radiant.

Product USP: Altogether alluring, the satiny, sensual color is fortified with SPF 15 that actively fights sun damage while citric acid and silica help make the lips naturally pink and supple.


1. Exuding luxury, the romantic, elegant Rouge Volupte lipstick comes in an attractive gold case.

2. The Rouge Volupte lipstick is formulated for long lasting wear.

3. The lipstick comes with a companion mirror on top of its case that allows users to retouch their lips any time.

9. DuWop Private Lipstick

Price: $22.00

DuWop Private Lipstick

Product Description: The DuWop Private Lipstick uses the same technology as the mood lipsticks popular in the 70s that adapted to each wearer’s skin tone. The distinctive chemistry of the DuWop Private Lipstick automatically provides the perfect hue for an individual’s skin color, so you don’t have to fuss with finding the perfect lip shade for your own coloring.

Product USP: The rich pigment used in the DuWop Private Lipstick lends just the prefect amount of stain to your lips. This hydrating lipstick lends an ultra silky and smooth tint to your lips. Using a proprietary formula that uses annatto, hibiscus, and henna derived pigments, the DuWop Private Lipstick provides users with a natural, organic hue.


1. Annatto and henna is used in the DuWop Private Lipstick to give it a rich pigment base and offer a long lasting stain.

2. Hibiscus flowers lend the lipstick antiseptic properties.

3. Beeswax, castor oil, and Vitamin E lend the DuWop Private Lipstick with a hydrating quality that keeps the shade emollient and lightweight.

10. Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color

Price: $23.00

Creamy Lip Color

Product Description: A celebrity make up artist as well as a household name, Bobbi Brown is known for providing the masses with high end, yet affordable cosmetic. Having launched her first collection in 1991, Bobbi Brown makes world class fragrances and skincare treatment as well as high demand cosmetics and brushes. The simple Creamy Lip from Bobbi Brown gives your lips a real, approachable, and simple sheen that epitomizes what nude makeup means.

Product USP: Created to leave lips soft and moisturized, the Creamy Lip Color from Bobbi Brown wears all day while its rich colors give lips a soft, creamy shine.


1. Formulated with Shea butter, the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color is emollient and easy to apply.

2. Plant derived skin conditioners ensure that your lips are never touched with chemicals.

3. The specially created formula of the lip color glides on smooth and stays longer.

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