10 First date beauty tips

Dressing up for the first date

Getting ready for your first date? There are so many things that you need to take care of including your looks on this special occasion. You have to look your best and be able to create a long lasting impression on your partner. Spend some time and effort in organizing various things in taking care of your beauty. Plan things carefully so that you can have an exciting and interesting first date. So, here are some important beauty tips for your first date.

1. Proper skin care

Take care of your skin well. Apart from your daily skin care routine, include an exfoliation to make your skin glow. It helps to get rid of the dead cells from the skin surface and make your skin look radiant and smooth. Do it on the previous night to get the best results. After exfoliating, use a good moisturizer to nourish and condition the skin.

2. Waxing

Hair removal is also necessary. Though your clothes may cover most parts of your body like your hands and legs, it is better to clear the hair and sport a clean look. Use some of the traditional removing methods to get rid of the unwanted hair, especially the underarms. Do it a few hours before the special occasion.

3. Basic skin treatments

Your face is the most important thing to take care of. Use basic skin treatments to cover up all the flaws, if any. Use transparent powder and a concealer to cover up all the blemishes and other minor problems. You can also take care of these minor problems by using some homemade remedies to get rid of the scars, acne etc.

4. Get rid of dry and chapped lips

Get ready for the special first kiss on the special event. Dry and chapped lips can get you into trouble and create a negative impression. So, take good care of your lips and bring them to proper shape by using some nourishing lip balm or exfoliation treatment. If you want to achieve good results, try to work on this well ahead. Use a good gloss for the occasion. However, remember not to make your lips too sticky as they may not be appealing.

5. Use lip gloss suitably

Do not overuse the gloss. Use only a bit of it for getting a dashing effect. You can also use a tinted one for some extra effect and style. Try to use a darker shade than your lips to look more effective.Use only a thin layer of the gloss because it is only meant for highlighting, conditioning and hydrating your lips. When too much of it is used, it may be very sticky.

6. Wisely decide the kind of make up

Take enough time and decide what kind of makeup you are going to wear. It has to be simple and elegant. Do not overdo the makeup. Try to highlight the best features on your face. Choose a good hairstyle that complements the makeup and features of your face.

7. Highlight features wisely

Most of the people choose to highlight either their lips or the eyes. Decide what you feel is your best feature and play up the essential spots. Try to highlight your eyes because you can do wonders by drawing his attention with your flattering eyes. Try to maintain a natural glow in your lips without overdoing. The best thing men love is to admire the natural beauty of your lips. So making them artificial may take off their attention.

8. Perfume

Wear a perfect scent. Try to be very choosy while selecting your perfume for the first date. It has to be very appealing and sexy too. Do not use scents that can make your partner feel irritated or get headache. It can spoil the whole occasion. In order to turn your first date in to a memorable one, use the scent in the right places like nape of the neck, behind the ears and back of the knees etc. These spots are more than enough to grab the attention of your partner. Try to use your signature perfume to enhance the first date experience.

9. Clothes to match your personality

The clothes you wear should be matching to your personality. Choose clothes that are comfortable and good on your skin. Avoid wearing sexy clothes. You have to look beautiful naturally than being sexy. The makeup you wear should be matching to your dress as well. Use appropriate accessories also for a perfect overall visual appeal.

10. Last minute touch ups

Carry a beauty survival kit with all emergency items like toothpicks, eye drops, tissues, aspirin and toiletries. Keep the kit safely, and out of sight. It should be easily accessible too.