What is your makeup trick for the rainy day?

rainy day

The monsoons are just around the corner and it is a nightmare for all the girls to get drenched with their perfect hair and makeup. During monsoon, a common hair problem faced by all the girls is limp and flaky hair. Generally, young girls are not fond of monsoon for obvious reason, as they can’t achieve that perfect look in terms of hair and makeup. But there are fantastic makeup tricks and tips that can save your day in this monsoon. So, do not let the rain spoil your perfect looking hair and makeup by following these useful tricks.

Here are some useful beauty tips for rainy days that can make you look beautiful:

  1. Waterproof foundation:

Waterproof foundation

You can invest in a waterproof foundation that is readily available in the market. In case you do not want to invest a fortune on a foundation as you already have a new one, then you can invest on buying a tinted moisturizer. However, you can use Lacto calamine solution instead of a foundation, as it is slightly tinted and at the same time, good for your skin.

During monsoon, the weather is humid and a tinted moisturizer or Lacto Calamine cream can save your day. Try to block the moisturizer with a good compact to help you get a matte look. Try to avoid using heavy makeup during monsoon as you can mess up the look if you get drenched in the rain. This makeup during the rains can help you get full coverage.

  1. Use powdered eyeshadow instead of cream:


Powdered eye shadow is best for rain days as it does not melt off on the face. Make sure you use subtle colors like brown, peach, and beige for applying on upper and lower lid of the eyes. You can use the dark colors on your palate like dark brown and black for making the eyeshadow intense. These two colors can replace your Kajal as you can achieve perfect smoky eyes with these two powdered eyeshadows. This a useful rainy season make up trick that you can follow.

  1. Avoid Kajal:

eye liner

Avoid the use of liquid and pencil eyeliner in this rainy season. If your Kajal is not waterproof, then it can run all over your face if you get drenched. In case you cannot do without a pencil eyeliner, then invest on a waterproof Kajal. You can also use the black or brown eyeshadow to get the desired look for smoky eyes.

  1. Invest on a waterproof mascara:

Teenage Girl Applying Make Up

You can invest on a waterproof mascara as it can work both as a Kajal and a mascara. Try to blow dry your eyelash curler and then use it to get the desired look. You can get the curled and thick lashes by applying a double coat. If you get an intense look with the mascara, then you can avoid applying Kajal.

  1. Avoid hair spray and blow dry:

 hair spray

A good hair care regime is also part of the beauty tips for rainy days. You should avoid the use of hair spray and blow dry during monsoon. It makes your hair frizzy and dry, so avoid the use of hairdryer and straightener. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo if you get drenched in rain. Make a bun or a sleek ponytail to avoid hair tangle and breakage.

  1. Follow a good skin care regime during monsoon:

A young woman washing her face with flowing water

If you are applying makeup during the rains, then you need to follow good skin care regime. Before going to bed, you need to clean your face with a makeup remover, then use a facewash to clean your face and the last step is moisturizing. If you follow a good skin care regime during monsoon season, then you can get a healthy skin despite high humidity.

  1. Go for a nude lip:

nude lips

Make sure that you stick to the basic with lip color, you can use tinted lip color or balm instead of bright and glossy lipstick. Scrub your lips from time to time, with the mixture of lime juice and sugar to get a soft and supple lips.

Therefore, these are the few important rainy season makeup tips that you need to follow with the changing weather. You can enjoy the season as well as look good by using minimalist makeup.

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