What All Beauty Addicts Want You to Understand

Beauty Addicts

Yes, women are in love with the word beauty and they always want to look their best. But there are some who are obsessed with the word beauty. They cannot imagine a day when they are not looking their best. They always want to look stunning. These women are actually addicted to beauty and here are few things about these beauty addicts which not just they but even people around them must know.

The huge collection

 Beauty Addicts

Yes, it is important to have cosmetics on your dressing table, but there is a limit to it. A beauty addict thinks otherwise. She will just keep buying lipsticks, gels, shampoos, creams in hoards. They just cannot resist the temptation of buying the new nail polish or the new lotion that has hit the market.

Shelf life, what is that?

Yes, you are an addict and need to have huge stocks of cosmetics. But what you must remember that each of these products has a shelf life. You need to dispose them off after the expiry date. If you do not do this then you may end up damaging your skin which can be a total disaster for you. Besides you are actually throwing your money down the drain. But for the addict it is a way of life and they do not worry about petty pennies when it comes to cosmetics. Yes but they will take care that they do not damage their delicate skin in anyway.


Frequent visits to the salon is a must

Frequent visits to the salon is a must

They do not believe in spending a dull, monotonous life by visiting the salon just once in a way. Frequent visits to the salon are always there on the to-do list of these addicts. A simple broken nail is reason enough for the addict to visit the salon. After all it makes them feel really nice.

The all natural look is not for them

Going without make up and looking natural may be the in-thing. But beauty addicts give a damn to these trends. They set their own trends and like to flaunt their all decked up look all the time.

Nope it is not a waste of time

Beauty Addicts

Spending hours in front of the mirror and getting everything perfectly right may seem a waste of time to you but no it is not so with the beauty addict. They are perfectly ok with spending precious time in order to look pretty and stunning.

Touch ups are a must

According to beauty addicts there is no long lasting make up. Touch ups are an absolute must after a couple of hours. Applying lipstick is a must after having that cup of coffee or adjusting the hairstyle is mandatory after a walk in the park.

Overflowing vanity kit

woman using perfume

They will make sure that they carry everything right from different colours of lipsticks to gels and perfumes in their vanity kit when they are on the move. They will carry loads of weight but will not compromise by reducing the stuff in their vanity case.

Experts of the field

They know everything when it comes to make up. They are experimenting and they believe that they have done thorough research in the field. For them dressing up and doing make up is a ritual and one of the most enthralling experiences of their lives. They believe that it is the sole reason for which one has to earn money and they do not mind educating others about all the makeup techniques that they follow.

Beauty addicts are ready to proclaim to the world that make up and decking up is not a waste of time it is a way of life. Make up is what they eat breathe and sleep. It is an inseparable and the most important parts of their lives.

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