Simple but effective tips to get rid of under eye dark circles

by DrPrem Jagyasi

There may be factors like age, genetics, dry skin and allergies allowing dark circle to appear under the eyes. UV rays may also be one of the reasons. Under eye areas are sensitive and more prone to dark patches. Eliminating them is every woman’s dream.Dark circles are no longer a major skin problem and even some simple measures can help do away with them.

Take a sound sleep

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Lack of sleep causes dark skin under eyes. Having 7-8 hours sleep every night is a must. Avoid using drugs and alcoholsince it affects the quality of sleep. Sleeping on time regularly gives you a glowing faceand reduces dark circles.

Apply night creams

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It is important to hydrate and nourish your skin at night. The reason being, your skin is in the recovery mode at night. Applying creams recommended specifically for the purpose of removing dark circles is highly beneficial. Retinol and vitamin K enriched creams used on daily basis show great effects byrejuvenating the skin overnight and make it flawless and fresh in the morning, thereby reducing the under eye dark circles considerably.

Prefer natural remedies

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Natural remedies contribute a great deal in eliminating dark circles under eyes. Placing uncooked potato slice on the eyes for about 30 minutes serves the purpose. Cucumber also refreshes the skin and reduces puffiness under the eyes. Applying cool green tea bags also reduces discoloration and swelling. Ice cubes can also be wrapped in soft cloth to soothe your eyes. Almond oil enriched with vitamin E can be applied on the dark circles to neutralize them.Bleaching properties of tomatoes also lightens the skin under eyes.

Drinking lots of water

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Drinking water in abundance is also a deterrent in healing the dark skin under eyes. Avoid consuming too many fluids during bedtime and rubbing eyes as it can cause discoloration, irritation and puffiness.

Regular use of sunscreen lotions

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The skin around the eyes is sensitive and easily damaged by sun. Your body produces melanin when exposed to excessive sunlight. This gives you dark circles. Applying sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or higher save your skin from the damage that harmful ultra violet rays may cause.

With growing age, skin rejuvenation process slows down. Dark circles under the eyes become prominent and make you look tired and older. By taking sound sleep,applying skin rejuvenating creams and adopting healthy diet, you can easily get rid of the unwanted dark circles under eyes.

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