Interesting, weird and amazing beauty secrets from Japan

Coming across a Japanese woman with a bad and unhealthy skin is rare. Japanese women in 50s look as youthful as others in their 30s. In fact, Japanese women have become a role model to Asians for their flawless rejuvenated skin. Not only the genetic factor, but there are more beauty secrets that make their skin so attractive and supple. The following beauty tips are worth following:

Use of oil


Japanese beauty secrets draw substantial contribution from the use of Camellia oil. You can get the best benefits when it is procured from cold pressed wild harvested seeds of Camellia Japonica flower. The oil contains an emollient that makes the texture of skin and hair turn tender. It quickly travels through the different layers of skin and gets readily absorbed.

It promotes cell growth and makes the skin supple and glowing. Take a small quantity of this oil on to your palm and rub the palms together. Let the oil spread into a thin film followed by patting the oil gently onto face and neck region.Hard rubbing is a big no. Spread the oil over your skin in small circulation motionstill it gets fully absorbed.

Women in Japan shave their faces

Young girl applying cream on face , skincare

Though an old custom, shaving the face has turned into a risingbeauty treatment among the Japanese women. They already have an awesome skin texture due to healthy fresh diet and genetic conditions. But the introduction of facial shaving has enhanced theirskin texture manifold.Shaving adds a silky, smooth and a porcelain type skin texture that is a highly coveted possession for a Japanese female.

Female facial shaving is so popular that every Japanese salon has shaving as a highly skilful beauty treatment service to offer.The frequency of shaving ranges from once in a season to once in a month. Some even do it at home on a regular basis. The shaving cream applied moisturizes the skin and exfoliates as well. During menopause, unwanted facial hair often sprouts. Shaving serves as an answer to this issue too.

Blotting papers


Usage of facial blotting papers in Japan known as ‘ aburatorigami’ had been pervasive among the Japanese Geishas and Kabuki artists since time immemorial. In between performances, these Japanese females, considered as the epitome of perfect beauty, needed to refresh their looks and retain their facial glow and aburatorigami’ came as a much needed relief.

They loved blotting papers because the micro pores on the sheets eliminated excess oil off the face without spoiling the heavy makeup. Interestingly,aburatorigami’ was a side product of handmade paper used for wrapping gold and silver jewelry for protection.

Geishas would use the scraps of these used papers to absorb their facial oils. Aburatorigami’ have thus traditionally contributed to the Japanese females’ cosmetics and toiletries collection that facilitated their beauty treatment.

Adzuki beans

Close up Charming Blond Sexy Bare Woman with Hand on the Chin Smiling to her Left Side.Isolated on White Background.

Traditionally, for centuries the Japanese women have applied Adzuki beans powder to their skin to impart a glow. It cleanses and exfoliates the skin and has become an invaluable part of a Japanese beauty treatment kit.Procured from a plant that is native to the Himalayas and East Asia, Adzuki beans add glamour to your complexion.It is a small red bean with white ridges which the Chinese had taken to Japan 1000 years back.

Way back in the 18th Century, the Japanese affluent class used these beans for beauty therapy. The ground beans were placed inside silk bags and made wet with water. Today, cotton bags have replaced silk bags. Adzuki beans contain saponin that helps remove dead skin by draining out pore-clogging waxy sebum.

Stay beautiful through your diet

Preparing healthy lunch in the kitchen, blanching chard using kitchen utensils

The wonderful skin and the glowing complexion of Japanese women can be largely attributed to their diet. Here we go with some of the awesome diet that a Japanese would ensure they have consumed to get a splendid look:

  • Wild Salmons packed with Omega 3 fatty acids that combats inflammation and keeps the skin supple and hydrated.
  • Low fat yogurt particularly the Meiji brand contains calcium for keeping the bone density high and strong.
  • Oysters high in zinc content create collagen in the skin that makes the skin lively and smooth.
  • Kiwi fruits trigger production of collagen and are high in anti oxidants too.
  • Sweet potatoes loaded with Beta carotene, which gets converted into Vitamin A that keeps the skin smooth and bubbling with life.
  • Spinach, which contains lutein, beta carotene, iron, calcium and zinc which all are good for a robust health and excellent skin.
  • Walnuts, which give a healthy skin and glowing complexion.

Japanese women with their porcelain like flawless skin and youthful complexion form a role model to Asian women whose beauty secrets are worth following.

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