Have you ever been surprised after looking at your face in the mirror? Either yes or no, what I know is that there could be two reasons. One, your skin looked totally fresh; two, your skin looked absolutely stressed. Some days, you feel like you’ve made the Earth a more beautiful world; some days, you feel like a poor trash bin along the streets. Some days, you just want to bury yourself under your sheets; some days you’re too confident to hide.

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We care so much about our skin because it is what we wholly are, literally. Skin is the largest body organ. It has many functions, most especially in protecting us generally. How we feel about our physical looks is inexplicably inconsistent and not constant because of many factors that consistently and constantly change us. They include age, hormonal changes and disorders, dirt, chemicals found in water, improper digestion, unhealthy diet, cosmetics, unhealthy lifestyle and all kinds of stress. These factors can harm our skin—from simple acne and pimples to more serious skin concerns—if we don’t take care of it. Now we know what gives the skin a haggard appearance and cause disorders no one wants to have, the next step is to avoid them and do something else instead.

I won’t talk about medical products and processes which you can use because we all have different skin types. What’s good for my skin may not be ideal for your skin type and vice versa. So here is a series of other ways which will help you achieve a fresher skin not occasionally but always.

1] Your Skin Type, Your Call

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When a friend recommended an “effective” facial wash, and it didn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that he/she lied. When you bought a skin care product promoted by TV commercials, and it didn’t work well for you, it doesn’t always mean that you’ve been scammed. Maybe it’s just not suitable for your skin. Before doing anything to your skin, know first what you can and can’t do to it. Learn about your skin type. You might have heard from a friend, “Oh, that product?! Don’t buy it. It wasn’t effective when I tried it,” but then it actually worked well for your sister. Then you find that confusing and end up just buying nothing. To avoid wasting money from skin care products that give you no good, determine your body type. Know your skin then decide.

2] Your Routine is Your Routine

If you already have a daily skin care routine that perfectly fits you and that you’re medically alright with, maintain it. Don’t go from one product to another if you’ve already found the right one. See to it that the routine you’re following cleanses, tones, moisturizes, protects and exfoliates your skin, and is not plainly practical. It’s better to spend a bit larger cost and get the results you need than to spend little for so many times on something mediocre.

3] Leave the Pimp Alone


Don’t pop and pick pimples, bumps and blemishes that grow out of your skin. Doing so can leave unwanted scars and spotted marks. Pimple can go redder. Your hands aren’t always clean, so bacteria can spread even wider. Pimples are annoying, but stressing them out can annoy you even more.

4] Even Flowers Drink Water

Flowers bloom because aside from sunlight, they absorb water. You’re more than a flower, and you need more water. Drink lots of water daily. It aids in absorption, refreshment and nourishment. Reduce or stop drinking alcohol because it dehydrates your skin. Consume plenty of water and other healthy liquids for a radiant glowing skin.

5] Food for the Skin

eating-leafy-green-vegetableYou are what you eat, and you really are. Make sure that you get the complete and balanced amount of nutrients that contribute to a better-looking and healthier skin. Fresh, clean and nutritious food diet allows you to have clearer skin. Vitamins like C and E makes you livelier in look and in life. Vegetables and fruits always do their job in making us healthier in everything, but adding proper amount of protein can help your skin glow more.

6] Cig Smoking Ain’t Doin’ Good

Cigarette smoking doesn’t just damage your insides but also your looks. Facial skin can be damaged. Wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth can be a negative by-product.

7] Skin Energizer


After a tiring sport and running, you’re sweating buckets, and some facial features come out and become noticeable. Your face turns reddish or pinkish. You’re tired but even more glowing after exercising. That’s because regular exercise healthily seeps in your body system. It aids proper and smoother blood circulation which makes your skin glow. Skin needs energizing; regular exercise does that for you.

8] Be Kind to Your Skin

The skin needs to breathe. Don’t suffocate it. Sleeping with makeup on the face blocks pores. Wash your face daily with clean water and the proper facial goods.

Try skin oil for a healthy and shinier but not oilier face. Aside from relaxing your skin, it also leaves it hydrated and nourished. Massage your face while applying it for better blood circulation.

Pamper yourself by getting facial treatment and massage from authorized facial clinics with authentic and expert dermatologists. Some facial clinics advise clients to move an ice cube around their faces at home after getting a facial treatment. Ice can lessen skin inflammation, just like how it does for injuries in sports. It reduces redness and swelling. It exfoliates your skin too!

9] You Shuteye!

regular sleep pattern

An oily or super dry face after a day of no or little sleep? That’s because sleeping has an impact on your skin. It doesn’t only recharge your body from weariness, but it also rejuvenates your skin as it does repair work by producing elastin and collagen. You hate bags and dark circles. Don’t just reach the advised minimum sleep hours; get a satisfying sleep that doesn’t make you feel tired or void when you wake up. Sleep recharges and readies you for the day. It helps improve and balance your skin’s elasticity, tone and firmness.

10] Shields Out

Protect your skin using good quality sunscreen with at least SPF 15; use SPF 30 above if you’re off to the beach. Your clothing must also be proper enough to protect you from the sun’s damaging heat. Wear caps, hats, sunglasses and bring umbrellas too. You may have prepared taking care of your face at home, but it doesn’t end there. More risks are outside so be extra protected and careful. 

There are many elements to which our skins get exposed, and not all of them are healthy, too much of them certainly are not. And we get in contact with most of them inevitably daily because they’re just around us and worse, within us. Controlling the pollutants we encounter each day is unimaginable, nearly impossible. Wearing makeup is compulsory for some jobs and events. School, work and other responsibilities require us to stay late or up all night sometimes. All these things affect our skin’s health, but we cannot push them away because they’re just there. So what’s left for us to do is what we can.

Be responsible. Have self-discipline. Be good to yourself. They may be simple words, but they mean substantially. With all these, you’ll be able to understand more how to take care of yourself. Achieve and maintain the fresh, healthy and glowing skin you want and need.

Are we there yet? Close enough! (Here’s +1!)

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After everything on the list, remember the most important hack: Exercise you facial muscles too for a healthier, more glowing skin! Brighten up the day with a smile. The situations and feelings we encounter daily are unpredictable; we get tired, stressed and haggard even if we don’t want to, but put your smile out of your pocket. Try to relax and find the positive side. Let the glow inside come out even without applying no cosmetics. Don’t forget to be happy and smile amidst daily stresses. Don’t let them dull the brightness in you. Glow bright, and let your skin attest to that, beautiful you!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. Nicole believes that regardless of skin colors and body figures, one’s body needs utmost care and protection. For her, the skin has something to do with one’s confidence and wellness, thus, it must be nourished. Nicole gives tips to have and maintain not just a fine skin but also a healthy body in this world full of stress and pollution.

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